Recent and Upcoming Presentations

The first set of blogs I posted on this site center around Row Level Security in Microsoft SQL Server. In addition to these posts, I’ve decided to present the topic at PASS events, including multiple SQL Saturdays. Below are the events I’ve already presented at in 2020 and am hoping to present at later this year.

Confirmed Events

Submission-pending Events

These are wonderful opportunities for multiple reasons. SQL Saturdays are unique events, in that they are hosted by the PASS community in each city, providing a free day of training (with the exception of a small fee for lunch). How crazy is that? With each event, I’m slowly trying to improve myself in the first 3 areas. Plus, everyone needs some fun now and again.

  • Networking – A few speakers are planning to be at a number of these events, which will give me an opportunity to meet and get to know them, as well as other speakers and event attendees.
  • Building Technical Skills – Just as I’m presenting on a relatively unknown topic, Row Level Security, there are others speaking about other, lesser-known topics. Of course, many of the presentations will cover better known topics, and we’ll get different perspectives from each speaker.
  • Building Communication Skills – For a long time, I had was quite terrified of public speaking, which has likely had a negative impact on my career. By “practicing” my public speaking skills, I can only improve, and this will help further my career, especially if I want to go into a management or product evangelist-type roles.
  • Seeing Different Cities – Who doesn’t like to check out different and see what they have to offer. Having a day or two free in each city will give me an opportunity to see what each has to offer.


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