Working with Data in .Net

As a PowerShell developer (yes, I consider PowerShell coding development, when it’s for pre-ETL processing), there are a handful of very useful namespaces .Net. System.Data – “basic” data containers are classes in this namespace, include DataTable and DataSet. These are generic types, regardless of source or destination database or data source. System.XML – If you’re […]

A Comeback in 2022

I’m lazy and a bit selfish. What a way to start off a post, eh!? I was getting some content out in 2019 and 2020, as well as starting to hit a stride with presentations at SQL Saturdays. Then a new bug came and rocked everyone, COVID-19. SQL Saturdays disappeared, as well as gatherings in […]

Standing up Azure SQL Managed Instance & Connect to Storage Account

This is a quick article, related to connecting an Azure SQL Managed Instance to an Azure Storage Account. When creating an Azure SQL Managed Instance, you have the options of creating a public endpoint and/or configuring the connection type of the private endpoint (as shown below). The default connection type for private endpoint is Proxy, […]

Recent and Upcoming Presentations

The first set of blogs I posted on this site center around Row Level Security in Microsoft SQL Server. In addition to these posts, I’ve decided to present the topic at PASS events, including multiple SQL Saturdays. Below are the events I’ve already presented at in 2020 and am hoping to present at later this […]

Restricting Data Access with Row Level Security – Part 3

To this point in the series, the examples we’ve used are limited to the single Azure database for the Endless Timekeeping application. It’s great to define the concepts, but for an enterprise application, a few more tools need to be added to the tool belt. Endless Reporting isn’t large enough to really have good enterprise […]

Restricting Data Access with Row Level Security – Part 1

When starting a new company, and you’ve added at least one other staff member, one of the most important applications you can have is a time tracking system. Time tracking is even more important for a consulting company, so customers are billed appropriately and we get paid. Depending on the number of features of this […]