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  • Visual Studio SQL Server Database Project – Lookup Data

    Visual Studio SQL Server Database Project – Lookup Data

    Lookup tables are defined and populated early in development to support other development efforts. Functionality at other layers in the solution can be driven off lookup values. Deploying lookup data and keeping it consistent between environments is critical to reducing issues.

  • Automating Database Solution Deployments – Introduction

    Automating Database Solution Deployments – Introduction

    As a database developer or administrator of a data warehouse or custom application database, deploying changes is a regular occurrence. Whether it is a bi-weekly, monthly, or even quarterly event, a repeatable method is needed, especially for less frequent releases. Even with well-defined written procedures, manual deployments could result in issues coming up. A new…

  • Azure Dev Ops – Job-Focused vs Task-Focused

    This is the first post in the series, Azure Dev Ops Odds and Ends. The starting page has information about the code environment I’m working with, as well as links to other posts in this series. The first step to consolidate builds into a single pipeline was to gather code from four repositories into a…

  • Azure Dev Ops Pipeline Odds and Ends

    When one works in a smaller company, there is an expectation of wearing many hats. As the Data Operations Team Lead, I’m no different. In addition to working with SQL Server, Azure infrastructure, Azure Data Factory and more, I have started to tackle Azure Dev Ops. Specifically, I’m working to enhance, or streamline, existing build…